We’ve Got You!

Art by Steph J. Hogan

Dear Arts Council Members,

As many of you may have seen from our recent communications and social media posts, the Arts Council of Greater Lansing has closed until further notice to ensure we all remain safe in the wake of COVID-19.

Responding and taking action during a pandemic is a new experience, and we know that these times are a little scary for everyone. We all share concerns about our health, the financial well-being of our country and our own means of earning a living, eating and paying bills. The times are uncertain, and social media is accurately reflecting those fears–but it is also rich with messages of hope and love, and we are all seeing creativity finding its way into our lives despite our physical distance.

History shows us that the arts bring us together and connect us. They provide an outlet for sharing emotions and experiences. Through music, dance, painting, crafting, drawing, sculpting, writing, taking pictures–humans are able to communicate their feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, optimism, lightness, darkness, love and hope. And that is why, right now we need you, we need you and your art more than ever.

We are very fortunate to have such an amazingly creative arts and cultural community here in Greater Lansing. We see you already finding ways to share your creativity on line with concerts, classes and videos, and we are so grateful to you. These actions will play a big role in uniting us and connecting us through this shared experience in ways that have not even yet been imagined.

As we watch you create, we are also fully aware that the current situation is creating financial challenges for all of our members–limiting your ability to do your work and causing you to have to close your doors and cancel events that are major sources of funds to your businesses and your organizations. Our hearts go out to you all, and we want you to know that even though our physical office is closed, we are here for you–to answer questions and provide any resources we can.

Our staff is currently evaluating our offerings and brainstorming ways that we can provide you with the support, guidance and assistance you need. Please feel free to email us with your thoughts, questions, concerns and ideas. We are happy to schedule phone conversations, video chats, whatever you need. As we move forward in the days ahead, we will work to find new ways to help you with the resources we have and seek other opportunities as well.

You inspire us everyday, and we want to inspire you to continue making art and sharing your gifts as we weather this storm together. Be well and stay safe.

Meghan Martin and the Arts Council staff