Articulate Activators Assemble!

What it Means to be an Arts Advocate

The arts exist not only for social, cultural and entertainment value. They also produce a major impact on the economy and education and serve as a primary vehicle for communities to preserve and celebrate their culture and heritage. In the current changing climes, community support is more important now than ever.

Educating both the public and legislators on the true impact of the arts, must be a primary goal for any arts advocate. Arts advocacy involves sharing your views and opinions with the elected officials who make decisions impacting your arts community or organization. Effective advocacy hinges on continuous education and communication among your supporters, their decision makers at the local, state and federal levels and the public.

Articulate Activators

Part of the Arts Council’s advocacy goal is striving  to keep the arts strong and vibrant in the Capital Region by serving as advocates for their value. We are asking you to be a part of that mission at a level you are most effective,able and interested. Consider joining us!

Levels of Engagement

I. Articulate Action Network

The Articulate Action Network is a mailing list of individuals wanting to stay informed regarding what is affecting arts and culture in Clinton, Ingham and Eaton counties. In the event that there is a decision that could negatively affect the arts sector or celebrate its advancement, we will give you simple information allowing you to generate an email to the appropriate elected official, committee or group. We are non-partisan in our mission. We want to celebrate the arts and culture we have here. This is a simple way to make sure it doesn’t go away!

II. Simple Steps of Solidarity

There are so many ways that you can support arts and culture in this region: show up to events and performances; make a phone call to a legislator’s office; grab coffee with a local official—and so much more! If these types of activities appeal to you, consider joining the “Articulate Activators” Facebook Group where we will share ideas, activities, successes and support.

Here are a few steps you can consider:

– Visit your local museum, gallery, theatre performance, concert series, art fair or artist reception

– Buy local art or from local creative entrepreneurs

– Blog or photograph artistic events and happenings and share them with the group and post, share and like artists, events and other arts- and -culture related activities.