And Then We Thought…

Postcards by AR Mixed Media Art

And Then We Thought…

How is everyone doing? What is everyone doing? Here at the Arts Council, we’re doing pretty well–but we are most definitely missing all of our people. Even though social media and Zoom chats help keep us in touch, we’re still feeling the loss of connection that comes with getting together. One of the best things about our arts-loving family is how much we love to gather and share our appreciation and support of arts and culture in our region. These connections are so important to the strength of our creative community, so during these strange and unfamiliar times, we are all feeling the disconnect.


Here’s an idea

In the spirit of wanting to find that connection again, we are asking you to send us a postcard. It seems that returning to simpler ways is something everyone is relating to right now, and sending a postcard is a great way to keep in touch. So, we want you to drop us a line or two. Tell us how you’re doing, what you’re making or eating and how you are keeping yourself busy these days. Tell us what you miss, who you miss and how this new life we are experiencing is affecting you. We truly want to know.


Find your words

Maybe words don’t come easy for you, but that’s okay! We aren’t expecting a paean or anything (although we wouldn’t balk if you wrote us a tiny poem). Postcards keep things sweet and simple–just jot down a few lines: “Dear Arts Council, I have been busy taking lots of photos of my cat! Miss you! Love, anonymous” It can be that easy. Of course, we’d love you to sign your name, but you can leave it off or create a nom de guerre, if that’s more your style.

Step right up

Don’t have a postcard? We’ve got you covered. We will place a box of postcards on the doorstep of the Arts Council, and you can stop by and pick one up for free. There will be blank ones that you can decorate yourself, and thanks to the generosity of ALT Printing Company in REO Town, there will also be a variety of printed/unprinted ones that you can color in or send as is! We are also going to provide you with some links below to local artists and businesses who have postcards for purchase if you’d like to support local.


We can’t wait

We are so excited to receive all of your lovely notes! So get your favorite writing utensils ready and pen your thoughts to us. Then, drop them in the mail to Arts Council of Greater Lansing, 1208 Turner Lansing, MI, 48906 (or pop them through our office door mail slot). Also, because we love to share the love, we want you to know that there is a good chance these messages will be shared with our  community in some way, shape or form.


Postcard People and Places

Old Town General Store

ALT Printing Co.

Angela Owen at AR Mixed Media Art

Ariniko Artistry

Nevin Speerbrecker