The Arts Council Welcomes Kaitlin Lapka–New Administrative Assistant Joins the Team

The Arts Council Welcomes Kaitlin Lapka

New Administrative Assistant Joins the Team

The Arts Council is pleased to welcome Kaitlin Lapka as our new administartive assistant. With a passion for creativity and community. She especially loves the alchemy that can occur when the two meet, which makes her a perfect addition to our Arts Council Team.


The business of community

A recent graduate from University of Michigan, Kaitlin received her Bachelor of Business Administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business with a focus on marketing and management as well as urban and community studies. Her combined course studies prepare Kaitlin to contribute to the Arts Council in a variety of ways, including managing membership, fostering community engagement and providing administrative support to the entire staff.


People and places

Another asset Kaitlin possesses is her explorative nature. Her favorite pastime is discovering the world around her. “Whether I’m seeking near or far, I enjoy the feeling of finding new experiences and meeting interesting people,” she says. “This is why I’m so passionate about the Arts Council’s creative placemaking and sense of place through the arts goals.” 

#lovelansing story
Kaitlin also grew up with a love for creating and appreciating art, especially storytelling, and Lansing’s story is one of her favorite to hear and tell.


Born and raised in greater Lansing, Kaitlin is proud to call it home. “Lansing has a rich story that continually surprises me,” she says. “I really appreciate its history, and I am excited to become a part of its creative, entrepreneurial and increasingly vibrant future.” 


Pleased to meet you!

We are excited to welcome Kaitlin aboard and invite you all to stop in and say hello when you have the chance. She looks forward to meeting our vast community of artists, arts leaders and arts lovers all across the #lovelansing area.