Executive Director
Meghan Martin joined the Arts Council of Greater Lansing in 2017 as program manager and in May 2019, she took on the role of interim executive director. In 2020, Meghan stepped into the executive director role. Meghan is a passionate advocate for arts and culture, and her extensive experience in programming, communications, public relations and event planning support her in her leadership role at the Arts Council and in the Greater Lansing area. She is a firm believer that the arts have the power to create great change and unity among people, neighborhoods and communities. A Michigan State University graduate, Meghan earned her Bachelor of Arts in journalism in 2005. In 2019, Meghan was one of 15 arts and culture professionals to complete the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs inaugural “Rising Leaders” leadership program. She has been a part of the Lansing Leadership program from the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. She has also served on the LEAP board of directors, Lansing Arts and Culture Commission and on the Michigan Legacy Art Park board of directors where she served as interim president. Meghan is passionate about developing creative placemaking projects and promoting the advancement of artists and arts and cultural organizations in an effort to create a thriving, active community that is accessible to everyone. She grew up in an environment that valued creativity and found her second home in the theatre and music community. When she isn’t busy promoting the arts in our region, you will find her spending time with her family, enjoying all that Greater Lansing has to offer, and possibly see her on the river kayaking.
Favorite Art Forms: Anything that has music involved is at the top of her list.