Arts Night Out & Creative Placemaking Summit Coordinator
Emma Selby is a multifaceted event manager, writer, artist, and communicator who always strives to create something meaningful through her business emheesun creative. Born and raised in the Lansing-area, Emma attended Lansing Community College and then graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in professional writing. She has a background in public relations, community facilitation and feedback, and curriculum development. Emma’s work with the Arts Council began in 2020, when she helped plan and execute the Creative Placemaking Summit in a virtual format for the first time. She continued on with the Council as an independent consultant, working along with the team to help coordinate and facilitate both the Summit and Arts Night Out events. When she’s not running her business from a local coffee shop, you can typically find Emma visiting her favorite local Lansing businesses, side-hustling as a small biz retail gal, and greeting everyone she meets with a smile and (sometimes niche) pop culture references.
Favorite Art Forms: Film, musical theatre, and paintings (especially impressionist and modern) currently top her list.