Ruth Egnater “Favorite Things”

Ruth Egnater “Favorite Things”

A Collection of Prints Infused With Nature and Humor

Artist Bio

Ruth was born in Detroit, Mich. and comes from an artistic family; her great grandfather, grandfather and mother were all professional artists. Ruth herself has been creating art since her first memories and continues to do so every chance she gets.

Over the years, she has experimented with many mediums, including pottery, oil painting, watercolor, life drawing, jewelry making, basket weaving and loom weaving. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and nearly completed a second degree in the fine arts while working and raising her two daughters.

Since retiring from 35 years of nursing, Ruth has been creating art full time. Currently working as a full-time printmaker, she has been accepted to exhibitions in the United States and abroad.

Ruth’s art is a reflection of her love of the outdoors and nature; her interests include hiking, camping, scuba diving, canoeing and traveling. Nearly all her prints showcase her passion for animals, the outdoors and her unique sense of humor. She has also been using her artistic abilities to give back to the community, including teaching art classes at a local nursing home and volunteering at REACH Art Studio. Ruth has also donated numerous prints to non-profit organizations to raise money at charitable events and art equipment to schools that are in need. In 2011, she was a member of the Baren Art group that used their prints to raise money for Japan after the Tohoku tsunami. Ruth loves to donate her time and energy towards helping make her community, and the world, a better, and more beautiful, place.

Artist Statement

I have always incorporated nature and animals into my printmaking; as the title of this exhibit says, it includes “My Favorite Things.” My home is surrounded by forest and wildlife, where I draw inspiration for my prints. Most of my prints are not realistic but playful and contain a huge dose of my imagination and humor. I chose to hand color many of the images so I can experiment with how color can change a picture.

My art studio is situated by the forest and a bird sanctuary, and I use these surroundings to influence my prints. I have been an outdoor enthusiast all my life, and the majority of my art reflects my love of all creatures, big and small. By surrounding myself in natures beauty, I am inspired to create playful images; my prints are not realistic or “photo” like by any means, but I try to create a painterly quality to them.

Now able to dedicate much of time to printmaking, I spend my days in the studio with my dog Phoebe, my self-declared assistant. With her company, I dedicate many hours to creating prints that represent Mother Nature’s beautiful creations.

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