“Nature’s Tapestry” an Exhibition by Christine Beals

Meet Christine

Christine Beals is a local artist whose work is inspired by geometric shapes, quilt patterns and the beauty of nature. Her designs are meticulously mapped out on wooden board and then carefully painted, embellished and varnished to perfection. Christine’s pieces resemble traditional folk art, featuring bold, clean lines and vibrant colors.

Her art is functional and adaptable to unique commissions, including furniture, birdhouses and garden pieces. Christine has been painting and honing her artistic talents since 2014.

She is completely self-taught, but a large part of her experience and skill stems from her years of working in her family’s restoration business. There are so many ways to recycle and repurpose a good piece of wood!  You can see many examples of her work at her Instagram account @folkartbychristinebeals

Christine was born and raised in Lansing and currently lives in Haslett, Michigan. Most of her days are spent painting in her new studio space, growing beautiful flowers and vegetables, and chasing around four lovable Bernese Mountain dogs.

Artist Statement

Making art is a very special part of my life. It allows me to be creative, to stay busy and to share my gift with others. For me, art making started as a hobby,–a way to create handmade gifts for family and friends–but it turned out that people were very drawn to the work, and so I began to take commissions. I am so thankful that happened and that this expression has grown into something more for me and for others.

There are so many things that inspire my art. Geometric patterns are known to engage the mind. The dimensions can be calming and yet complex at the same time. Nature is another wonderful inspiration.  Birds, flowers and fauna are some of the things that give meaning to my artistic creations. Choosing colors can be inspired by moods, nature or something randomly sparkly and beautiful.  All of these things factor into my final creations.

My artwork means so very much to me. I always use the hashtag #gratefulforthegift, whenever I share my art on social media, to remind myself how fortunate I am to be able to create art and share it with others. Through this exhibit, I hope your mood is uplifted and your mind is engaged with all of the beautiful shapes and colors.