Lansing Board of Water & Light Announces New Public Art–Local Artist’s Work Installed on REO Town Substation

Artist Teresa Dunn poses with the original art for the REO Town mural, which is on display at MSU Broad.

The Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL) announces a new art piece at its REO Town Central Substation as part of its rotating digital art program, “Art Moves REO.” The work, created by artist Teresa Dunn, was recently installed at the W. Malcolm X St. and S. Washington Ave. structure in REO Town.

“Art Moves REO” officially launched in 2022 in partnership with the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and REO Town Commercial Association. A call to artists was made to submit a digital image of new or previously created artwork to be installed on the substation.

“We love working with BWL to create this opportunity for artists,” said Meghan Martin, Arts Council executive director. “We have partnered with them since 2018 to create installation opportunities on the Central Substation, and we love that the project continues along with support from REO Town. Together, we are able to provide more opportunities for the call for more public art in our region, which is great for artists, residents and tourism,” Martin said.

The artwork was selected by a panel of representatives from BWL, the City of Lansing, REO Town Commercial Association and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and was recently installed at the Central Substation. The collaboration helps keep the public art scene continually growing throughout the region.

“Featuring artists and public art on the Central Substation is a commitment we’re proud to have with the community. Partnering with REO Town and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing helps us to support artists and arts and culture in Greater Lansing,” said BWL General Manager Dick Peffley. “The ‘Art Moves REO’ project offers a way to consistently bring new art to the area and add vibrancy to the Substation facade and REO Town.”

The new work by Dunn keeps the REO Town area vibrant and alive as an arts hub in the region. “I was excited for my work to be chosen for the BWL and REO Town project because I’m committed to depicting positive representations of women and especially Black and Brown women, immigrants and people with complex cultural backgrounds. As a Mexican American woman myself, this issue is close to my heart,” said artist, Teresa Dunn.

The mural is a recreation of a painting called “A Long Line of Women,” and is currently on display at the MSU Broad through July. It celebrates women’s connections to each other through family, friendship or mentorship.

“It is important for girls and women of all ages and backgrounds to be represented in various cultural expressions,” said Dunn. “I am proud to have had this piece selected for this public-facing opportunity.”

To learn more about the “Art Movement Project REO Town” (#ArtMovesREO) and other creative placemaking and public art opportunities, contact the Arts Council’s executive director, Meghan Martin, at