Arts Roll Call Episode 22–Capital City Film Festival: Something for Everyone

Welcome to Arts Roll Call, a podcast for the arts curious! In episode 22, our host Robin Miner-Swartz talks with team members from the Capital City Film Festival, which kicks off on April 10, 2024! Listen in as Will and Emma share some behind-the-scenes info and a few hints about what we can all expect for the upcoming event!

Meet Will

Much like trying to grasp smoke between your fingers, describing the essence of William
r Corbett is a near impossible task. An eye for detail, a brain for logic, a heart for
yearning and a soul for creating; yet the gestalt of these parts is an enigma, hardly a
shred of a concept. His responsibilities include producing a variety of shows for the
Lansing Public Media Center, as well as programming films for the Capital City Film
Festival (it’s not a big deal, but his official title is co-program director). He is a composer
of music and stories, which are shared to the world under the brand name, Hetica,
which also represents the work of his collaborators. His general interests are
innumerable, from postmodern media to ancient history, there is always something on
his mind.

Meet Emma

Emma Hee Sun Selby is a multifaceted event manager, writer, artist and communicator
who always strives to create something meaningful through her business emheesun
creative. She has a background in public relations, community facilitation and feedback
and curriculum development.
Emma has been working with the Capital City Film Festival since the end of 2019. In her
current role as festival director, Emma leads the planning committee to make the 11-day
festival happen by strategically overseeing and project managing eight teams. She also
leads the special events team — the Red Carpet Premiere Party is her favorite.
When she’s not running her business from a local coffee shop, you can typically find
Emma visiting her favorite local Lansing businesses, side-hustling as a small biz retail gal,
and greeting everyone she meets with a smile and (sometimes niche) pop culture

Have a look and a listen.

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