Full of Grace–Arts Council Welcomes New Intern

Full of Grace
Arts Council Welcomes New Intern

We feel so fortunate at the Arts Council that we have had so many wonderful interns over the years. We always feel a little sad when it’s time to say farewell and wish them on their way, but we also get very excited at the prospect of new interns joining our team and sharing their creativity with us.

Home in the mitten 

This fall we welcomed Danielle Grace to our team, and she is definitely a great addition. Danielle is a senior at Michigan State University in the James Madison College where she is majoring in Comparative Cultures & Politics and French and minoring in Japanese. She hails from Auburn Hills, Mich., so she’s at home in the mitten, but she is also somewhat of a world traveler.

Study abroad

“As an MSU student, I’ve been fortunate to be able to study abroad,” she says. Danielle has spent a summer each in Japan and France and studies both languages. “I’ve had a passion for other languages and cultures ever since elementary school,” says Danielle, who’s been studying French for 10 years and Japanese for almost five.


In early August, the Arts Council launched its 517artwalk smartphone app, which when downloaded can be used to discover public art and galleries located in a walkable distance. The launch was a pilot project, focusing on East Lansing’s downtown public art, but the goal for the app is to create a comprehensive list of public art in the entire Greater Lansing area and build tours around walkable areas in all the tri-counties.

Exploring Lansing

This is where Danielle comes in. Her work with the Arts Council has her on a treasure hunt of sorts. She spends her days seeking out area public art, taking photos, seeking descriptions and backgrounds on the pieces and putting it all in a database. It’s an extensive project, and we are very happy to have Danielle working on it. She has taken it on with enthusiasm and style (not to mention grace).

Arts leaning

Her post-graduation plans are currently undecided, but she says she had been leaning toward moving and working abroad in either Japan or a French-speaking country. “Interning at the Arts Council has inspired me to also look into working at arts and community outreach organizations here in the States,” she says. 

Mutual inspiration

We are very excited that Danielle has been inspired by us, as we find her to be inspiring as well! She has already had so many exciting adventures and will have plenty more on the horizon! If you’d like to be inspired, perhaps an internship is just what you need. Check out our internship page and follow the guidelines for application!

Fun facts about Danielle

Danielle’s favorite movie is The Lion King and she loves dogs, especially her 11-year-old basset hound who lives at her home in Auburn Hills. She also likes to write music, sing and write on her blog, DeelaSees.