A Few Words from Debbie–From the Desk of the Executive Director

A Few Words from Debbie

From the desk of the Executive Director

An integral goal of the Arts Council’s strategic plan for 2015-2017 is our belief that we must be an innovative and creative organization that draws its strength on being sustainable while maintaining the highest professional standards in our internal operations. One of the objectives to achieving this is continuing to build and maintain a knowledgeable and passionate board of directors.

For the past year, the board development committee, chaired by board member Tony Baltimore, has been developing guidelines and creating a matrix that helps us identify and recruit new board members to the Arts Council. While the roles and responsibilities haven’t changed too much over the years, it is always good to have new leaders join the board and share their insight.

This year at our annual meeting in September, we welcomed Joe Viviano to the board of directors. Joe is an attorney with Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, and he will be helping to guide and shape our future over the course of his three-year term. Joe will be joining the advocacy committee and working actively to define our role at the local, state and national levels in assisting constituents in voicing important issues regarding arts education, arts funding, cultural economic development, cultural tourism and placemaking.

At the same meeting, President Julie Pingston took time to recognize three long-standing out-going board members for their service – Tony Baltimore, Barry Wood and Lori Fuller for their valuable time, outstanding service and unwavering support of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. While it makes us sad to say farewell, we know that their support and commitment is unwavering, and they will always support the Arts Council and our accomplishments.

Interested in being elected to a board seat on the Arts Council?  Call me and we’ll talk about the commitment it takes to be a part of the leadership team.

Deborah E. Mikula

Executive Director