“Flights of Fancy” an Exhibition by Sarah Surface Evans

Meet Sarah

Sarah Surface-Evans has been painting and drawing her whole life.  She defined her style in watercolors during college, but decided to pursue a career as an archaeologist. She never stopped creating in her spare time, especially on her travels for work.  Sarah now paints and draws daily, because she is in a place in life where she can more easily balance the demands of work and motherhood.

Artist Statement

“Flights of Fancy” is a collection of my intricate bird and insect illustrations. Since I was a child, I have always had an affinity for birds and flying creatures – I even used to dress up as a bird and “fly” around the house and yard. Growing up in rural Indiana, moths, butterflies and birds were a regular part of my landscape. Encounters with elusive creatures, such as Luna moths and great horned owls, were magical moments in my childhood. I attempt to capture that magic and wonder I felt as a child in my illustrations.

This collection is my representation of the spirit or essence of each animal or insect. Each illustration begins with their general shape and form. Then, using patterns in nature, I abstract the details to create a meditative representation of the animal or insect. My illustrations are drawn with India ink on heavy watercolor paper.

I sometimes add a splash of watercolor to highlight certain parts of the animal and create visual interest. I seek to cause the observer of my work to slow down, notice the intricate beauty of mother nature, and see the web of relationships we have with each other and our planet.

“Watcher” by Sarah Surface-Evans