“Contrasts” an Exhibition by Matt Mulford

Meet Matt

Matt Mulford is a Lansing-area artist and has been drawing and making art for as long as he can remember. Primarily self taught, he was inspired at a very early age by his artistic and encouraging mother along with three artistic older siblings who fascinated and inspired him with their work.

Nature is one of the main things that fuels Matt’s imagination and his art. Exploring the woods and lakes produces a never-ending source of ideas and stimuli for creativity, but it isn’t the only place Matt seeks inspiration. An extensive interest in an array of different subject matter and mediums provide for a very wide variety of work. Matt doesn’t shy away from anything, from wildlife and landscape art, to fantasy, comic and pin up, he experiments with it all. Pencil, pen and ink, scratch board, watercolor and acrylic are his most used mediums but photography, sculpture and carving are also in the mix. Matt attempts to instill life, emotion and story in each piece he creates.

Matt has been an Arts Council Art In the Sky billboard recipient, was a finalist in the James Gurney “Lionfish Shampoo” design contest in 2013, and in 2007, he received a Gold Hermes Award for his holiday card design. In recent years, Matt also added entrepreneur to his title as co-owner of Peculiar Perspectives Studio & Gallery in Williamston, which he shares with friend and fellow artist Tony Steele, and he is also owner of Mulford Arts.

A few people Matt looks upon with god-like admiration include the following: Robert Bateman, Kalon Baughan, James Gurney, Doug Henderson, Terryl Whitlatch, Dave Stevens, William Stout, Al Williamson and Olivia de Berardinis.

Artist Statement

Inspiration is the spark that ignites exploration and discovery. It leads to the creation of something. Inspiration is energy, it’s joy, and it’s a soul lifting force. Act on it when it floats into your brain. It is a form of pure magic, like love and nature, inspiration is a miraculous gift.

“Nose to Nose” by Matt Mulford