Arts Roll Call Episode 19: Brian Snyder — Art Moves

Arts Roll Call Episode 19: Brian Snyder — Arts Move

From the basketball court to selling art in London…coach, artist and educator Brian Snyder has made all the right moves in doing what he loves. In this episode of Arts Roll Call, our host Robin Miner-Swartz talks with Brian about how it all started, where it led him and what’s next for him as he works to balance life, the arts, athletics and higher education. They talk candidly about what it’s like to have many passions and go for them all.

Meet Brian

Born in Albion, Michigan, Brian Snyder has a bachelor’s degree in art and graphic design from Spring Arbor University (SAU), where he began his painting career. He also has a master’s degree in recreation and sport sciences from Ohio University.  He is currently pursuing his doctorate in Kinesiology from Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Brian’s art is Australian Aboriginal influenced, smooth-jazz inspired and designed to convey the message of movement, texture, color, kinetic energy, and jazz fusion, with a splash of graphic design and a touch of fine art. His work was featured at ArtPrize in 2012, 2014 and  2023, and he’s been an active member of the Lansing area art scene since he moved here from France in 1999. He has exhibited his work in multiple galleries throughout the region, including his most recent show “The Journey Continues: American Aboriginal Art,” at Lansing Art Gallery.

Additionally, after graduating from SAU, Brian played semi-professional basketball in Austria, England and France where he was also represented by Impact Art Agency of London, England. Living in Europe provided him the opportunity to mix playing basketball with creating, exhibiting and selling artwork.

Today Brian resides in Old Town Lansing where he works as a student support specialist at Gardner International Magnet School. He also has 22 years of coaching college basketball under his belt and is about to start his fifth coaching season at the University of Olivet.

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