Artist’s Colorful Trees Arrive Just in Time for Fall

Artist’s Colorful Trees Arrive Just in Time for Fall
Tracie Davis “Trees of Life” Exhibit Opens Nov. 4

Artist Bio
Tracie has been working professionally as an artist for seven years.Inspired by children and bold color,Tracie began painting on canvas with acrylics. Her work quickly grew to include murals in private homes and public spaces.Large scale paintings are her favorite form of creation. Recently, she has added pastel painting to her arsenal.

In addition to creating art on walls and canvas,Tracie has been active in bringing art to her community. As a proactive board member of the Clinton County Arts Council, she has taken the lead on several events and projects involving the community.This year she collaborated with two other art professionals to execute a very successful art walk in downtown St Johns. She is also working on a large community mural involving over 1,000 people for the local St Johns Spray Park.

In 2016, Tracie opened Whimsical pARTy Gallery in downtown St Johns. She currently displays her own body of work along with four local artists, all specializing in unique mediums.Tracie’s dream for Whimsical pARTy Gallery is to provide a fun forum for people to experience art using all their senses. Visitors can smell the handmade candles, feel luxurious textiles, view vibrant art and actively make art regardless of age or experience.

Tracie’s work can be seen at Whismical pARTy Gallery and Clinton County Art Gallery in downtown St Johns, as well as Keys to Creativity Art Gallery in the Lansing Mall.

Artist Statement
The colorful world in which we live provides me with inspiration to make my colorful tree paintings. I love combining bold colors andusing shadows with contrasting highlights to create energy in the leaves.Many times, quirky characters can be found hanging out in my trees.  To me, these trees represent a happy place where imaginations are allowed to run wild.

My art is unique because I use realistic fine details combined with unique colors not typically found in trees. This contrast results in art that has the kind of whimsical quality that grabs attention and begs to tell a story.

The colorful tree series represents a very fun, lighthearted side of art. I like to imagine that the energy of the colors and leaves transfer to the viewer.