A Few Words from Debbie–A Summer of Projects and Gratitude Galore

A Few Words from Debbie
A summer of projects and gratitude galore

Whew! Usually our summers are a little bit more laid back, but not this year. It has been an extraordinarily busy season! So many projects are coming to fruition at the Arts Council –– the planning and preparation for the 2015 Creative Placemaking Summit in October, the #UndertheBridge mural/lighting project in partnership with LEAP, the Young Creatives Artists-in-Residence program and the 2016 Guide, 12 public service announcements with MY18 are beginning to be filmed and pre-planning/brainstorming for a new community-wide, once-a-month Friday-evening “Art Walk” event to be unveiled next May, among other exciting activities.

None of these things would be possible without the great Arts Council team making all this happen and keeping all the plates spinning at once. And this month, I want to give them kudos for a job well done.Thank you to Dawn Gorman, communications and events manager; Josh Holliday, program manager; Kaitlin Lapka, administrative assistant and to our interns Sophia Perry-Johnson, graphic design and Simon Dongha Lee, photography/videography.Their work is extraordinary, and the Arts Council is proud that they’ve chosen to work with us to keep arts, culture and creativity at the forefront in the capital region.

Each day here brings new challenges, new ideas and new excitement to what is possible. While I don’t tell them daily, I want all of our members, patrons and community leaders to recognize the importance I place on molding and shaping all of our ideas into worthy projects…how I appreciate them stepping up to the plate to share their knowledge, wisdom and talents with our community and within our organization….and last, but certainly not least, how I value their deep commitment to all things art! This team is putting arts and culture on the map in greater Lansing, and I’m deeply appreciative and privileged to work with each of them.

Today is a day of gratitude!  Thanks for a job well done!

Deborah E. Mikula
Executive Director