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Meghan Martin

Program Manager

Meghan Martin joinedthe Arts Council of Greater Lansing in 2017 as program manager. After earningher B.A. in Journalism from Michigan State University, she worked for theMichigan Press Association and the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission. Inher current position, Meghan is responsible for managing six grant programs;coordinating the annual Creative Placemaking Summit, Creative Exchange andother professional development events; providing technical assistance tomembers; facilitating creative placemaking workshops; public speakingengagements and leading outreach efforts for the organization. As a member ofthe leadership team for Lansing 5:01, her role is to promote Greater Lansing asan arts and cultural hub to attract new talent. She also serves on the Board ofDirectors for the Michigan Legacy Art Park in Thompsonville, Mich.

Meghan has worked in a variety of roles, gainingexperience in programming support, graphic design, communications and eventplanning. She is passionate about developing creative placemaking projects,promoting the advancement of artists and arts and cultural organizations for athriving, active community for all. Being a life-long artist herself, Meghanwas raised to know the love and feel the power of the arts—to move, engage andsupport each other.