Tod Parkhill Exhibition and Opening Reception

Join us at the Arts Council for “Working Notes: a chain of projects born from corporate purgatory,” by artist Tod C Parkhill.
Tod (he/him) is an illustrator, designer and artist and works primarily with reclaimed and recycled art supplies applied to whatever surfaces he can find. He often draws inspiration from Jasper Johns, Rob Rauschenberg and Chuck Close and combines his fascination with rhythm, patterns and found objects to create rich depth and texture. To Tod, everything is art supplies. The scraps from one project become parts of the next. Things close at hand during the creation process (old, hardened paint clumps, leaky pens, random collage paper scraps, old plastic toys, unusual trinkets, etc.) often get thrown into the mix.
Tod’s work will be on display at the Arts Council for the month of July and available for view during open office hours. Make sure you stop by the Arts Council on July 12, 2024, between 5 – 8 p.m. for the opening reception. Learn more about Tod and his work at or follow him on Instagram at @todorrobot.