The Arts Council Presents Justin Troisi’s “Visual Analogy”

The Arts Council Presents
Justin Troisi’s “Visual Analogy” An Exhibition  

Meet Justin
Justin Troisi is a fine art painter and sculptor. His work is inspired by patterns and textures found in nature. His work can be found in various private collections throughout the state and nationally. Justin’s work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions since 1999 and can be viewed online at

Justin instructed drawing in the Foundation Arts Department at Kendall College of Art and Design (2006-2009) Justin has a Master of Fine Arts from Kendall College of Art and Design. Circa 2007. 

Artist Statement
This series of work explores the interconnectedness of vision and knowledge. We use our dominant sense of sight to verify and reaffirm what we know about our world. Evidence for this can be found in the ubiquity of visual metaphor sprinkled throughout the English Language: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

The manner in which we order our information and knowledge ontologically, the relationships concepts, categories and hierarchies. evokes the sense of an underlying visual structure. Does one picture the structure of a dendritic pattern? The flow of streams and tributaries into a larger body of water as akin to the flow of specific information and practices into a larger corpus of knowledge. Or does one view intellectual structures more like a Venn Diagram?

In such a vision, I consider the interdisciplinary approach to human history: Consider linguists, historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, geologists all working together, each the central point of their own “circle of specialized knowledge” overlapping their areas of expertise…. All to get a better picture of when the Sphinx was built. It seems to me that the way we think has visual underpinnings. 

Join us for an opening reception!

Arts Night Out May 5, 2017 5-8 p.m.Arts Council of Greater Lansing1208 Turner St. Old Town