Shop Local. Buy Art

Shop Local. Buy Local Art

Every year around this time, the Arts Council  takes the opportunity to remind you all about the importance of shopping local and buying local art, fine crafts and arts experiences during the gift-giving season. This year, supporting our local businesses and our creative sector is especially important, and so we call on you once again to shop in your communities.


It’s a good thing to do

We are so fortunate that Greater Lansing is a region full of amazing artists, artisans and creative entrepreneurs. They deserve our support year round, but now, with the holidays approaching, and so many of our small businesses struggling, it’s the perfect time to make the conscious choice to shop local. There are many proven reasons why shopping local is a good thing to do, and when you know them all, it makes it easy to make a commitment and stick to it. Below are just a few of the benefits of shopping local and small.

Shopping local…

*keeps our dollars in our community and strengthens our local economy.

*is more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

*creates more local jobs.

*makes our region more unique, which in turn brings tourists here to shop.

*makes our region more appealing to others who want to open a business.

*creates more support for local charities and groups, as local owners typically give locally.

*means better service, as you get to know the owners, and they get to know you.

*means that you are purchasing unique, quality gifts for your friends, family and yourself.


Make a connection

If all of those reasons aren’t enough, how about just being a good neighbor and friend? If you don’t know your local business owners and artists, now is the perfect time to make connections and build new relationships. When we support our friends and their businesses, we are doing a good thing. We are giving our business to people who recognize us when we walk through their doors or “like” their artwork on social media.

Now more than ever, our local creative entrepreneurs need our support. We want them to keep their shops open and keep making art, or playing music, or dancing, or whatever it is they do that brings them and us joy!


Find what you need

Search our directory to find links to area artists and arts and cultural organizations and see what they have to offer, and for more shopping, check out our area downtown shopping districts. Other things you can do? Find artists, organizations and businesses you like, and follow them on social media. That way you can see all of their posts about new art, merchandise and specials. Plus, you can share finds with your friends and family! If you are looking for something in particular or need some ideas, you can also contact us at the Arts Council, and we may have suggestions for you.


We have a great creative and entrepreneurial community in our region, and by supporting them, you do something good for everyone, including you!