“Shadow Sides” an Exhibit by Jessica Kovan

“Shadow Sides” an Exhibit by Jessica KovanArtist Explores Light and Dark, Brightness and Shadows

Meet our December/January artist of the month, Jessica Kovan. Jessica’s work will be on display at the Arts Council from Dec. 1 – Jan. 30, 2017!

Artist Bio

Jessica is a mixed media artist and educator. Her art is characterized as thoughtful, storytelling and layered. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, she expresses on canvas what has captured her attention and heart.

Working in mixed media and collage, her paintbrush, scissors and glue become tools for seeing and understanding. The additional inclusion of text in her paintings serves as an important element for her own artistic expression. Growing up as the daughter of a teacher and a poet, Jessica naturally combines all of these elements.

Jessica’s paintings have been featured in North Light Books, The Best of Mixed Media, and on-line in She is an active board member and signature artist of the International Society of Experimental Artists and the International Society of Acrylic Painters and am happiest when experimenting with new ways to create.

With a PhD in adult education, Jessica truly enjoys combining her love for painting with her love for teaching. She offers workshops and classes both in person and on-line, focusing on helping people learn about themselves through creating.

Her paintings are in numerous private collections and have been exhibited and collected throughout the United States.

Artist Statement

When I paint I most often start with a concept (perhaps a title or an emotion)

and then figure out how to convey that concept on to the canvas/board/paper. I never feel bound by traditional techniques but rather seek out the technique that will allow me to communicate my message most effectively. My curiosity and willingness to experiment is rather endless and that is how I paint and how I teach.

​​I believe art is an individual journey. I learn about myself and connect to the world with each painting I create. In my “Shadow Side” series I explore the concept that all things are comprised of light and dark, brightness and shadows.

Simple objects (a flower, paint brushes, Tabasco Sauce) showcase the internal dialogues of opposites that we all experience. To create a centered life and to truly see beauty, I believe that we must listen to, accept and embrace both the dark and the light.

My “Shadow Side” series pushes the viewer to see deeper than the surface of an object and confront the complexity around us. ​To learn more about Jessica’s artwork, workshops, online classes and thoughts about creativity, visit or follow her on Facebook at Jessica Kovan Art.