Mayor’s Racial Justice and Equity Report Addresses Arts and Culture as Part of It’s Plan

Mayor Andy Schor and members of the Mayor’s Racial Justice and Equity Alliance (MRJEA) recently announced the completion of their report on Racial Justice and Equity in the City of Lansing.

Arts Council Participates in Workgroup

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing was honored to be part of the Arts and Culture workgroup under the leadership of Lorenzo Lopez and Angela Mathews. The workgroup identified numerous goals regarding arts and culture accessibility and inclusion that are in alignment with the Arts Council’s goals to ensure equal access when announcing calls to artists and arts and culture grants to organizations and individual artists.

Intentional Vision

The strategic vision for Arts and Culture as stated in the report is “To be intentional regarding inclusivity in our community’s diversity within Arts and Culture in Greater Lansing and surrounding areas.” The workgroup identified several goals to be met to ensure this vision is actualized. The goals align with the Arts Council’s own commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and we are actively working to address the needs of the community. We strive daily to make our arts and culture scene one that supports artists and organizations of all backgrounds and cultures and  honestly reflects the rich and diverse voices of our region.

New Voices

The Arts Council looks forward to working with the community and the City of Lansing to ensure that our work is inclusive. We will continuously strive to make our services and resources accessible to all and to support diverse creative endeavors. We invite artists and organizations within the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities to contact us as we seek to build new relationships and add new voices to the arts and culture community.

To learn more, read the complete report.