“La Fraschetta del Borgo” – An Exhibition by Joseph Yarbrough

Joseph and La Fraschetta Del Borgo

This display is named “La Fraschetta del Borgo” or “Fresh Boardas” and my images are from in and around Rome, Italy. It is always good to take a new visual perspective. There is nothing like another country to stimulate a fresh set of eyes.

Many of my favorite images are from Ostia, Italy and specifically Piazza della Rocca. This piazza is a lovely place just across the street from La Fraschetta del Borgo. Each time I’ve returned to this piazzaI see it as an old visual friend who reveals itself anew. The piazza has a church, a gated religious enclave, a castle (everyone needs a castle), and residences. This is a place where people live. It is lovely and quiet. LaFraschetta del Borgo serves fresh Italian meats and cheeses with bread. Add inaqua frizzante and vino rosso and a relaxing long lunch was always each time perfect. I’ve traveled to Rome four times. Although beautiful and impressive my least favorite places are heavy with tourists such as St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, the Colosseum, or the Pantheon.

My favorite experiences were eating gelato in a little piazza in a neighborhood full of the sounds of people speaking Italian, or Piazza Testaccio where we stopped to rest and rehydrate before dinner draping ourselves over a defunct fountain in the middle of the piazza watching and listening to the children play, or sitting in the still darkness of the medieval Fossanova Abbey church listening to the real sounds of silence bathed in the streaming natural light reflected in the pooled water collected in front of the alter.

Artist Statement

I am a fine art photographer, and I provide photo restoration services. I have been displaying my images at art fairs for the last eleven years. I have an educational & work background in library science, instructional technology and educational computing – administrative& instructional. I started business in 1983 to provide information brokering services. Over time, the business morphed into commercial design services and now is 99% photography.

My job as an artist and a photographer is to offer people the opportunity to brighten their lives, with either their images or mine, by displaying canvas or prints in their homes and offices. My goal is to hear previous customers come back to tell me about their pleasure in seeing one of my images every day when they wake up. They often return to do so.

Opening Reception

Joseph’s work will be on exhibit at the Arts Council for the month of December with an Opening Reception on December 7, 2018, from 5-7 p.m. We hope you will join us for some light refreshments and the opportunity to say hello to Joseph and talk to him about his work and his life as an artist.