Kathryn Sutton Exhibit–Mixing Mediums in Life and in Art

Kathryn Sutton ExhibitMixing Mediums in Life and in Art

Exploration and creativity are characteristics that come quite naturally to Kathryn Sutton, and they contribute not only to her art, but to her daily practice of living. “I have always loved to create,” She says. “Whether I am cooking, sculpting, painting, renovating my home or gardening. I take a holistic and organic approach to my life and to my art.” 

A sense of directionA contemporary artist, who works in metal sculpture as well as acrylic painting, Kathryn sees art not only as aesthetic—it needs to appeal to one’s sense of taste, smell and touch as well. “I am exploring different processes,” says Kathy, who uses recycled materials and other found objects and components when creating her welded pieces. She uses a similar, multifaceted approach when she paints, combining acrylics along with charcoal and various other materials, letting the senses and her creativity direct where she goes.

Changing perspectives

Kathy likes the multi-dimensional effect that is achieved when she mixes mediums. “The process creates texture, form and movement and adds an interesting patina to my sculptures and my paintings,” she says. Kathy’s works, which can be rotated, hung or mounted to suit each person’s individual preference, are created to appeal to the perspective of the viewer.

Art in waiting

Her varied approach to her work is reflective of her education at Michigan State University, where she not only worked towards receiving her bachelors of fine arts but also taught creative welding sculpture to high school students, opened the MSU sculpture department show and the BP Gallery in Williamston.

Kathy graduated from MSU in 1977, but she didn’t get down to the business of making art for nearly 30 years when began painting and exploring form and movement in her work. That exploration led her to where she is today.


For Kathy, art doesn’t happen in isolation, it requires a symbiotic relationship between her, the art and the viewer, which she sees as an act of giving and receiving. “It gives me great pleasure,” she says, “to share my work and hear the responses and interpretations of those enjoying it.”The Arts Council is honored to have Kathy’s work on our exhibit wall from March 6 – April 31. Please stop down to 1208 Turner St. and view Kathy’s work anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.  If you’d like to meet Kathy and talk to her about her art, join us at the Arts Council for an opening reception on Saturday, March 21, 12-3 p.m.