City of Lansing’s Arts & Culture Grants

Apply for funding through the Arts Council's grant programs.

The City of Lansing Arts Grants are designed to support arts organizations and create community-driven artistic projects that capitalize on Lansing’s assets, inspiration and potential, contributing to a “sense of place” for residents, businesses and visitors. The Program includes the following: Mini Pocket Grants, Art Project Grants and the Arts Impact Project grant. These awards are funded by the City of Lansing through the Mayor’s Arts and Cultural Commission and administered by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Organizations and/or individuals serving diverse and/or underserved populations are encouraged to apply.

Mayor’s Racial Justice and Equity Report

Ensuring funding for arts projects and individual artists is inclusive and that there is equal access to grants for everyone in the Greater Lansing Region is at the foundation of our mission. As members of the Arts and Culture Workgroup for the Mayor’s 2021 Racial Justice and Equity Report, we helped set a strategic vision for arts and culture in Greater Lansing, and it is our goal to ensure that funding dollars are made available to everyone. Read the report.

Art Project Grants

Art Project Grants will be awarded to programs that reflect innovation, art and our diverse culture and communities. We are interested in receiving applications for community-driven arts projects and programs that increase access to arts and culture for residents, businesses and visitors to the City of Lansing. Applicants may apply for up to $20,000 and projects must take place within the City of Lansing or specifically be to the service of Lansing residents. Applicants must be a Michigan nonprofit or 501(c)(3) with capacity to complete the project.

The FY24 cycle is now closed. Applications are being reviewed and applicants will be notified about the status of their applications before the end of October.

FY24 Guidelines

Project Budget & Itemization Template

Arts Impact Project

PLEASE NOTE: The Arts Impact Project format has CHANGED THIS YEAR!

The Arts Impact Project is now a two-step written or video submission process in which interested parties can share their creative impact idea to be reviewed by a panel. The creative impact idea can be any project to elevate and showcase the artistic excellence in the City of Lansing, such as a mural festival, a community tile project, or an iconic sculpture (all previous Impact projects).

Interested parties can send a simple letter of intent to Taylor Haslett to be reviewed for basic eligibility. All eligible ideas will then be notified with an invitation to submit a full proposal.

One award of $75,000 will be made to an individual, group of creatives, arts organization or non-profit organization for a large scale, high impact arts project to be completed within the City of Lansing.

The FY24 cycle is now closed. Full written or video proposals were due on Nov. 22, 2o23.

FY24 Guidelines

Mini Pocket Grants for Art

The purpose of these $500 pocket-sized grants is to encourage all those with creative and innovative ideas to embrace #LoveLansing. Citizens, artists, arts organizations or anyone interested in producing arts-based projects or activities in neighborhoods within the City of Lansing can submit brief proposals for a quick $500 grant.

This grant program is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis until the funds have been distributed.

FY24 Guidelines

STATUS: Closed