Collaborative Panel Shares Tips!

Collaborative Panel Shares Tips!
Learn Creative Skills From the Experts

Got a job to do, but not sure where to start–a project in mind, but no experience–then our collaboration workshop is for you! 

Something for everyone

In the spirit of successful collaboration, The Arts Council is excited to bring together several creative industry experts who will share their secrets to collaborative success.

Katrina Daniels–Exhibit Curator, Festival Coordinator 

Drawing from her experience as a curator and multiple-festival organizer, Katrina Daniels, MICA Gallery program director, will discuss the creative skills needed for creating these very different types of collaborative events. 

Deb Cholewicki and Barb Hranilovich–Gallery Cooperative

Deb Cholewicki, Grove Gallery & Studios director and Grove member artist Barb Hranilovich will discuss the challenges and benefits of using a cooperative model in a gallery setting.

Dylan and Jeana-Dee Rogers–Band/Theatre Owners 

Dylan and Jeana-Dee Rogers, members of The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle (a 16-plus member band) and creators of the soon-to-open REO Town Robin Theatre, have a multitude of collaborative experiences to share.

Melissa Dey Hasbrook–Artist, Poet 

As an individual artist, Melissa Dey Hasbrook has collaborated with gallery directors, business owners, fellow artists and more to create engaging community projects and has a wealth of experiences and tips for success. 

Show us what you can do!

This event will also include a Q & A and a small-group exercise. Attendees and panelists will break into small groups and be given a mock collaborative scenario. Groups will then work together to create a sample project and get their collaborative skills activated in the process.

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