“Bodies of Light,” an Exhibition by David Annis

Meet David

David Annis is a photographer who has been using light and color on the human form since the age of 14. He worked intensively with film cameras for four years, then stopped and resumed in 2015 using digital techniques. A favorite method is using long exposure photography while shining colored light onto and around models, but he also photographs models painted using conventional, metallic, or UV fluorescent paint, and has added color in post-processing.

He lived in Risley Residential College (fine arts) at Cornell University and has taken a few college photography classes but is mostly self-taught.

He has participated in numerous juried shows and has won awards in three. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Michigan and Ohio. Both his photographs and articles that he has written have been published, and he recently produced a commissioned album cover.

David is active in the local arts community, serving on the board of the Mid-Michigan Art Guild. He has done a demonstration at, and exhibits in the East Lansing Art Festival. He teaches small hands-on seminars and has given talks to local art and photography groups. He collaborates with other artists, both locally and as far away as Guam.

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Artist’s Statement

The goal of “Bodies of Light” is to use the techniques of photography to marry the beauty and grace of the human form with innovative textures and lighting to create beauty that has meaning to people in a way that is not erotic.