Arts Roll Episode 13–WKAR’s Shawn Turner: A Century of Service

Welcome to Episode 13 of Arts Roll Call–a podcast for the arts curious. In this episode, host Robin Miner-Swartz talks with interim WKAR general manager, Shawn Turner. They chat about WKAR’s 100-year anniversary and the upcoming year-long celebration, “A Century of Service.” Shawn shares about the early beginnings of WKAR, the role of the arts in its programming and the exciting partnership with the Arts Council to create a community mural in the studio.

Meet Shawn

Shawn Turner is the Interim General Manager and Director of Broadcasting at WKAR Public Media. He also serves MSU as a Professor in the Department of Communication and is an On-Air national security analyst for CNN. Earlier in his career, Shawn spent 21 years in the Marine Corps and five years as a senior executive with the federal government. His government positions included Deputy White House Press Secretary for National Security, Director of Communication for U.S. National Intelligence, and Deputy Press Secretary for Foreign Affairs for the National Security Council (NSC).

In 2015, Shawn was awarded the Intelligence Community Leadership Award, and prior to leaving government in 2016, he was awarded the Meritorious Presidential Rank Award for outstanding career accomplishments and exemplary service to the Nation.

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