Arts Roll Call Episode 9: Ivan Iler Heavy Metal–Making Impactful Art

Welcome to Episode 9 of Arts Roll Call, the podcast for the Arts Curious. In our first episode of 2022, our host Robin Miner-Swartz talks with area artist, metal sculptor and Netflix sensation, Ivan Iler about his roots, his growing career and how to get noticed as an artist, and a city of the arts.

Meet Ivan

Ivan Iler is a Michigan based artist best known for his larger than life kinetic metal sculptures. He loves to create works of art that highlight the intersection of science and art, creating realistic pieces that breathe movement and life into inanimate objects.

Ivan’s speciality is in hands-on work and creations, excelling in various mediums such as metal fabrication, sculpting, carving, engraving, blacksmithing, painting, leather smithing, and more. Ivan is passionate about inspiring a sense of wonder and curiosity through his art.  Ivan is a board member for Arts in The Wild and continues to seek opportunities to contribute to the community. You can catch him on the Netflix original series ‘Metal Shop Masters’ in addition to viewing his various public sculptures around Michigan.

Personal, dependable, and hard-working, Ivan is a true jack of all trades, and a master of many. He fuses his unique perspective and understanding of how things work with beautiful technique, and is truly able to bring anything that can be dreamed of to life.”

Getting Noticed

Every artist wants their work to be seen and appreciated. Ivan’s recent success as a public art sculptor came after years of hard work and putting himself out their–saying yes to opportunities that came his way. He shares in this interview what tips he thinks are helpful for artists wanting to grow. He talks about the creativity and visible art in our region and explores his thoughts on how that makes a place stand out to everyone.

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