Arts Roll Call Episode 3: Jessy Gregg–Collaboration and Community

Artist and Seams owner, Jessy Gregg

Welcome to Arts Roll Call, the bi-monthly podcast that features Arts Council artists and arts organizations. This month we spoke with local artist and shopkeeper Jessy Gregg.

Meet Jessy

Shopkeeper, artist and politician aren’t necessarily job titles that sit comfortably together on a resume, but they make sense if you’ve ever met Jessy Gregg.

Jessy moved to Michigan in 2000 and has been part of the Capitol area’s arts scene ever since, exhibiting her abstract fiber art wall hangings at local galleries and festivals before opening Seams Fabric store in downtown East Lansing. Now she sells fabric (which she considers to be an art supply) and teaches classes on sewing techniques and garment construction, as well as serving as a City Council Member for the City of East Lansing.

She says she has a lifelong habit of leaping before she looks and has sometimes been described as a “tornado.” But she believes she must be doing something right, because when she asked for help writing this bio her children suggested “funny and loveable” as things that should be included.

Collaboration and Community

In this episode, Robin and Jessy have a frank chat about the business of being an artist, the challenges and rewards of store ownership and the reasons why everyone should shop local. This light-hearted, yet honest conversation is a must listen whether you are an artist, an entrepreneur or a member of the Greater Lansing community. Watch the podcast here.