Arts Roll Call Episode 14: Metro Melik Loving Lansing

Arts Roll Call Episode 14: Metro Melik Loving Lansing

Welcome to Episode 14 of Arts Roll Call–a podcast for the arts curious. In this episode, host Robin Miner-Swartz talks with Melik Brown, better known as Metro Melik shares his passion for all things Metro Lansing. He talks about his own art, his numerous endeavours as a creative entrepreneur and his new shop, 517 Metro Melik in Old Town Lansing.

Meet Melik

Melik Brown, or Metro Melik as he is well-known in the region, has spent many years uplifting, supporting and promoting the Metro Lansing community. Hence, some people have dubbed him the “People’s Champ.” He is a true advocate for Greater Lansing and all the communities within it. Resilient, engaging and thoughtful, Melik is genuinely interested in promoting all that Metro Lansing has to offer. Whether it’s through his comedy; his show, What’s the Haps; the 517 Day Celebration; his Old Town shop, Metro Melik 517; or just showing up to support the causes close to his heart, Melik gives 110% to everything he does. A true family man, Melik looks for opportunities to contribute and make our community a place where his children will thrive and be successful. Through all of his work, Melik seeks to showcase all of the reasons why everyone should love Lansing and be proud to live in the region.

Have a look.

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