Arts Roll Call episode 12–Andrew Sandsted: Making Things Happen

Welcome to Episode 12 of Arts Roll Call–a podcast for the arts curious. In this episode, host Robin Miner-Swartz talks with sculpture and scrap artist, Andrew Sandstedt. They chat about Andrew’s background as a growing artist in the Greater Lansing community and his thoughts on making art that’s good for the environment and giving things a second chance. The also cover as his years participating in ScrapFest, which is coming to Old Town, Lansing on July 8, 2022.

Meet Andrew

Andrew Sandstedt is a proud Lansing, Michigan native whose love and appreciation for art were fostered during his years as a student in the Lansing School District. He is self-taught as an artist, learning from his 15 years in the professional field of decorative painting and mural creation. That work gave him a vast knowledge of color theory, line work, and a variety of materials that encouraged him to begin experimenting with creating his own works, using paint and pencil. Multimedia and sculpture eventually found their way into his work, and as his love for sculpture grew, he began participating in Old Town’s annual ScrapFest. His talent as a metal sculptor was quickly ignited, and, as a result, he was recognized with multiple ScrapFest awards over the years, including two first-place, two second-place and a People’s Choice award. He also received a second-place award at Dearborn Sculpture Festival.

As an artist in long-term recovery, Andrew has been given many second chances in life, and he approaches his art from this perspective, creating pieces composed of reclaimed and/or repurposed materials. He enjoys the challenge of reshaping and restoring pieces, blending styles and mediums within a theme. Much of his work reflects the experience of struggle, growth, and redemption in both figurative and literal ways. He strongly believes that working creatively within self-directed confines produces some of the most beautiful and innovative results.

Andrew loves being a part of Lansing’s vibrant and thriving art scene and feels blessed to have so many friends and fellow artists who seek to promote the arts and become better artists in the process.

Have a listen!