Arts Roll Call Episode 10: Louis and max Boyang–Community, Hope and Creative Expression

Meet Louis and Max

Max Boyang and Louis Boyang are 16-year-old twins from Okemos, Michigan. The two have been making art since they were nine years old. With encouragement from their mentor, Vivian Dwyer, they began competing in adult competitions/exhibitions when they were only 10 years old.

Over the years, Max and Louis have become prolific artists with unique styles and interests that both focus on a love of nature. Louis uses watercolor and graphite to produce his floral-focused artwork and Max illustrates his curiosity of insects with a combination of pen and ink and watercolor art.

Combined, the two artists have won nine awards in international and national adult exhibitions and competitions, exhibited their artwork over 50 times in fine art galleries across the country and have had five solo shows. They have also been featured across the county on live television, in newspapers, art magazines and books.

Max and Louis both attend school full time and enjoy creative writing and Taekwondo, also competing in those areas. The twins both are invested in continuing their growth as artists and exploring more mediums.

They also enjoy using their talents to help raise awareness around childhood illness and other youth-focused programs and are currently involved in several projects, including artwork creation in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author, Newbery Award and Theodor Geisel award winner Grace Lin to promote childhood cancer awareness.

Additionally, they have worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing and are currently organizing a Lansing area children’s art competition called “Shared Hope–Art & Healing” in collaboration with Joey’s Wings Foundation.

Creative Expression

Louis and Max share a love for not only the arts but creative expression overall. They love the process of creating, and they hope that their work will inspire others, especially other young people, to be creative. Part of their mission is to use their creativity to raise money for childhood cancer and inspire hope in kids whose opportunities have been taken away because of illness.

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