Arts Roll Call Episode 1: Ryan Holmes–More Voices Need To Be Heard

Arts Council member artist, Ryan Holmes

Introducing Episode 1 of Arts Roll Call: Artist, Ryan Holmes, “More Voices Need to be Heard”

Earlier this week, the Arts Council announced our new program Arts Roll Call, a podcast/video cast featuring our members. This bi-monthly show will feature arts organizations, artists, arts educators and more, as they are interviewed by local celebrity, Robin Miner-Swartz. Arts Roll Call will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what is happening in the Greater Lansing arts community. We are excited and proud to be rolling out Episode 1 of Arts Roll Call with our first guest and artist, Ryan Holmes.

Meet Ryan

Ryan has been involved with the Arts Council for many years, and we think we can safely say that he loves our work as much as we love his! Ryan is an award-winning multimedia artist, creative, arts educator and three-time People’s Choice winner of Old Town Lansing’s annual event, “Chalk of the Town.” He is very well known for his vivid 3-D chalk art! Ryan is also an arts educator who currently teaches daily virtual art lessons to spread inspiration and to impact future creatives.

Challenges and Joys

In this premiere episode, “More Voices Need To Be Heard,” Ryan talks about how recent events have revealed some ugly truths, but have also created an opportunity for dialog. He reflects on his life as a Black artist and arts educator in Lansing, Michigan and how the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19 have affected how he walks in the world and how he teaches his students. He shares the challenges and joys of his journey and his love of the Lansing community.