Arts Councils Julia Lloyd, Wisconsin Bound

Arts Council’s Julia Lloyd, Wisconsin Bound 
Former Intern and Employee Stretches Her Wings 
by Dawn M. Gorman

The arts and cultural community in Lansing, Mich. has seen a lot of exciting change and growth in 2013, and the Arts Council has played a big role in that trend, watching several staff members grow and transition in their arts-related careers. 

And now, to finish off the year (and start a new one), Julia Lloyd, our programs and events assistant is taken off for Wisconsin to start a new chapter in her life.  

From Intern to Superstar 

Julia started at the Arts Council as an intern in 2012 and later returned to take on the position of programs assistant. A painter, photographer and graphic designer, Julia brought a great deal of creativity to her role here. She was highly skilled in so many areas, and she was a lot of fun too.  

 Taking the Leap

Julia officially left the Arts Council nest right before the holidays, and in early January she became a full-time member of the Image Studios staff. Image Studios is a commercial/advertising photography and video production studio located in Appleton, Wisc. where she will serve as the administrative assistant to the president! How cool is that? 

Up She Goes!

Julia is one of several of our Arts Council interns who has flown the nest and taken wing in a new direction, and we are really happy that she found such an exciting opportunity. Says Julia, “I’m really going to miss working with the creative community here, especially all the people at the Arts Council. I am so thankful to have worked with each one of them. They’re the driving force behind local arts advocacy and a fun and creative bunch of people to be around.” 

How About You?

Are you interested in a career in the arts? Since Julia’s departure, we happen to have an opening! We also have several internshipopportunities available in the areas of communications/events, videography/photography and graphic design. 

Where Are They Now?

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