Arts Council Young Creatives Scholarships Non-Profit Orgs Apply Today!

Arts Council Young Creatives Scholarships
Non-Profit Orgs Apply Today!
by Dawn Gorman    


The Arts Council of Greater Lansing is excited to announce that it is currently accepting applications from local non-profit organizations which provide programming dedicated to arts and cultural projects. 

Funded by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing through its Arts Advancement Endowment Fund, grants of up to $1,500 will be awarded for the provision of arts scholarships for youth ages 5-17 (with financial need) to attend arts-related classes and programs.

 Helping underserved youth 

Applicant organizations must provide proof of non-profit status and be current members of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Youth activities must take place in the greater Lansing region between June 1, 2014 and August 30, 2014 and dollars must be used solely to cover the cost for under-served youth attendance in an arts and cultural education program. 

 Deadline and guidelines 

The awards are competitive and applications will be reviewed by a community advisory panel made up of qualified artistic and educational professionals.  

Deadline for applicants is April 15, 2014 and all decisions will be made by May 15, 2014. Guidelines and applications are available on our website or by contacting Program Manager Barb Whitney at