Arts Council of Greater Lansing Announces FY2023 Grant Recipients

Pictured: FY2023 grantees were honored at an award ceremony held at UrbanBeat in Old Town

Arts Council of Greater Lansing Announces FY2023 Grant Recipients

Lansing-Area Grantees Receive $30,500 in Total Grant Funds

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing is pleased to announce their FY2023 fall grantees. Greater Lansing area artists and arts organizations will receive funding totaling $30,500 to conduct community arts projects, engage area youth and receive professional development that will support the work of the organizations they serve.

As Michigan regional re-grantors, each fall the Arts Council is responsible for administering the Michigan Arts & Cultural Council’s (MACC) Professional or Organizational Development and Arts Projects Minigrants. These grants are funded by MACC, and awarded to area artists and arts and cultural organizations.

Additionally, the Arts Council awards their own cycle of organizational grants, including the Young Creatives Grants, which are funded by the Arts Council’s Arts Advancement Endowment Fund and Michigan State University Federal Credit Union. These grants provide funding and scholarships for youth arts programming in the region. “At MSUFCU we believe that everyone should have access to arts-related programs, camps, and classes,” said Ami Iceman Haueter, chief research and digital experience officer at MSUFCU. “We know the arts foster creative thinking and allow for creative expression, both which ultimately add vibrancy to our community, benefiting us all,” Iceman Haueter said.

This year, the Arts Council is also awarding their Artist in the Community grants, also funded through its Arts Advancement Endowment Fund, with the purpose of placing creativity at the center of community and economic development.

“We are so honored to be able to award all of these grants to area creatives organizing and growing in the arts,” said Meghan Martin, Arts Council executive director. “These funds allow artists and arts and cultural organizations the opportunity to learn, grow and create in our region, making Greater Lansing a strong and well-supported arts destination,” Martin said. “This funding makes area creatives feel seen and supported, as important members of our communities who contribute a great deal to make our city diverse and rich in the arts.”

The grants assist grantees in covering costs for projects, supplies, and youth programming as well as conference and workshop fees and other support for their work.

Grants were awarded through each of the following program initiatives:

MACC POD Minigrant funding totaling $3,000 for FY2023 was awarded to the following recipients: Maria Luz Arambula of Ballet Maria Luz; Amber Sheerin of Michigan Library Association

MACC Arts Project Minigrants funding totaling $12,000 for FY2023 was awarded to the following recipients: Meridian Community Band; Pure Winds; REO Town Commercial Association

Young Creatives Grant funding totaling $7,500 for FY2023 was awarded to the following recipients: All-Of-Us-Express Children’s Theatre; Ballet Maria Luz; Lansing Art Gallery; Lansing Symphony Orchestra; MSU Community Music School; Pass-It-On Community Center; REACH Studio Art Center

Artists in the Community funding for FY2023 totaling $8,000 was awarded to the following recipients: Jacqueline Carroll; Tracie Davis; Debbie Fehrenbach; Rosalie Petrouske

“Our creatives and arts and cultural organizations worked extremely hard to write and submit grants for these very competitive grant programs,” Martin said. “We are extremely proud of all of them for their commitment to the arts in our region, and we congratulate them all.”

For further information and detailed descriptions regarding the grant programs, please contact Taylor Haslett, membership and program manager at (517) 853-7582 or

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