Arts Council of Greater Lansing Announces a Request for Qualifications

Request for Qualifications, Greater Lansing, Michigan

Missouri Agricultural College

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2021

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing announces a request for qualifications (RFQ) for a new public art project in partnership with Provision Living Senior Communities. The project will be installed at 6350 Abbot Rd. East Lansing, MI 48823. This creation should tie back to the history of the Greater Lansing Area in hopes of providing a pleasant memory to community elders who may reside in our building or who are simply passing by.

About Provision Living

Provision Living is a developer, owner, and operator of Independent, Assisted, and Memory Care Communities. Provision creates and enhances communities for elders looking for socialization and for elders in need of assistance with their day to day lives. Provision Living Aims to help elders and families thrive by creating a culture that radiates love, inspiration, and fulfillment. Their mission is to empower team members to grow and prosper, and to create an exceptional place for elders and their families. Provision’s East Lansing community will provide for all area elders in search of any of these three lifestyles. Provision Living’s most important values include team work, trust, perseverance, responsibility, communication, excellence, and achievement.

Project Background

This creation should serve as a call to the history of the greater East Lansing area. In finding out about the “Percent for the Arts” program, Provision Living was excited to both learn about the history of Lansing as well as provide a piece of art which will serve as a memory to our elders residents, many of whom will have been long time–if not lifetime–residents of the GreaterLansing area. The requested art will be a sculpture to sit between the Provision Living of EastLansing Assisted Living and Memory Care building and Abbot Rd. It is important that this creation aligns with and exhibits Provision Living’s values. As the sculpture will be outdoors it is important that it will be able to withstand the seasonal extremes experienced in Michigan.


The RFQ is open to all professional artists and/or artist-led teams, based in Michigan. Interested Artists will have demonstrated the capacity in innovative placemaking and are welcome to propose work in all media and materials that meet the “ARTWORK CRITERIA” and are durable and suitable for Michigan’s variable climate (including salt and ice melt.)

Project Budget

The commission budget is 25,000 USD. Budget is inclusive of all artist’s fees, travel, design, engineering, foundation, insurance, permits, signage, fabrication, labor, shipping and installation.

Project Timeline (May 2021 -June 2022)

Issue Call for Artists RFQ: April 8, 2021

Submittal Deadline to be Considered: May 15, 2021

Finalists Selection and Notification: July 1, 2021

Finalists Site Visit and Interviews: July 25, 2021

Finalists Full and Complete Proposals Due: August 25, 2021

Artist Chosen: September 6, 2021

Artist Contracting Process: October 6, 2021

Fabrication and Installation: April 2022

Project Completion and Unveiling: June 2022

Review and Selection Process

Members of Provision Living and the Art Council of Greater Lansing will serve on the Review

Committee to select the finalist based on the materials submitted. The selection of the finalists

will be based on the following criteria:

-Artist’s consideration of and experience in creating artwork of this size and scope.

-Artist’s professional experience represents a developed and successful body of site

specific public art projects of a similar scope as demonstrated by visual documentation.

-Ability to understand sense of place and design in a context sensitive manner as

demonstrated by visual documentation.

-Willingness of the artist to consult and work with the design and construction teams to

successfully integrate the work into the site and meet any construction requirements,

schedules and deadlines.

-Ensure that the artwork will be of a permanent nature, does not require excessive

maintenance or repair costs and meets public safety issues and Americans for

-Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.


No more than three finalists will be invited and required to visit Provision Living of East Lansing

Construction Site for a site orientation on July 25, 2021. The site visit is meant to orient the

artists with the project and to ask questions to finalize design and installation plans in a formal

conceptual proposal.

On August 25, finalists must submit their final proposals. The site-specific conceptual proposals

should convey the artist’s ideas and plans through scale designs, renderings and/or scale

models with a statement that describes, in detail, the project’s intent, proposed materials,

fabrication and installation methods, project schedule and an itemized budget.

All written materials and a color rendering of the concept must be emailed to by August 25, 2021. Materials will be distributed to the Review

Committee prior to the finalists’ presentations (if necessary). A $500 honorarium will be paid to

each of the finalists for the full conceptual proposals.

Artist’s Commissioned Work Agreement

The selected artist/team will enter into a two-party Agreement between Provision Living of East

Lansing and the artist/team to complete a transfer of ownership. The selected artist/team will be

required to provide General Liability and other insurance as specified in the Agreement.

Submission Information

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing uses Slideroom, a digital application and selection process online.


Full application information can be found here.