Arts Council of Greater Lansing Announces $28,789 in Grants

Arts Council of Greater Lansing Announces $28,789 in Grants

Greater Lansing Region artists and artsorganizations receive 2021 funding

LANSING, MICHIGAN. — The Arts Council of Greater Lansing is pleased to announce 2021 Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) grantfunding totaling $28,789 to be distributed to area artists and arts and cultureorganizations. This round-two funding support is made available twice annually through MCACA’s Minigrant Program and provides support for programming, projects and professional development.

“It is such a pleasure to administer these grants for MCACA in support of our Capital Area artists and arts organizations,” said Arts Council executive director, Meghan Martin. “The MCACA Minigrant program offers so many opportunities for our area arts and culture sector to create, learn and share with the community in ways that make them and our regional arts scene strongerand more visible,” Martin said. “This year, as arts businesses and organizations seek to reinvent themselves, these funds are especially important.”

The MCACA Minigrants assist grantees in covering costs for projects, supplies, conference and workshop fees and other support for their work.

Round-two 2021 grants were awarded through each of the following program initiatives:

MCACA Professional or Organizational Development (POD) Minigrant funding totaling $8,789 for 2021 was awarded to the following recipients:

Katherine Hagman; Lansing Symphony Orchestra; Nanette Mathe; Michigan Institute of Contemporary Arts; Jane Reiter and Eric Zheng

MCACA Arts Project Minigrants funding totaling $20,000 was awarded to the following recipients:

Capital Collective; City of East Lansing; Holt Community Arts Council; Michigan Environmental Council and REO Town Commercial Association

“We are so happy for all of the recipients and are excited about their upcoming endeavors. We are also extremely grateful to MCACA for their support,” Martin said. “Administering these grants is an important part of our work and mission, and we are proud of all of the recipients.”

For further information and detailed descriptions regarding the grant programs, please find information attached or contact Taylor Haslett, membership and program manager at (517) 853-7582 or