Arts Council 517ARTsearch App Now Available

Arts Council 517ARTsearch App Now AvailableFree app locates public art and creative spaces in metro Lansing 

LANSING, Mich., Oct. 14, 2015 –

One of the highlights of the Arts Council’s recent Creative Placemaking Summit was the unveiling of their new 517ARTsearch app. The app took center stage at the Summit as it was announced during the unveiling of a seven-foot-tall cell phone. The phone boasted the app logo, and during rounds of enthusiastic applause, the 150-plus audience members were encouraged to go “download the app!”

“We are so excited to reveal this app to the community,” says Deborah E. Mikula, Arts Council executive director. “Our goal was to create something that brings a focus and greater awareness to all of the art and creativity in our region, and 517ARTsearch accomplishes that. It showcases all of the public art in one place so it can really make an impact.”

The newest version of the 517ARTsearch app spotlights and locates the vast array of public art, art galleries and creative spaces located in the 517 area code. Users can download and open 517ARTsearch to either find art and/or art spaces in the region.

One of the unique features of the app is its ability to receive and retrieve information for users as they seek out experiences on foot. So, for example, if a user opens the app and then strolls through downtown Old Town or MSU Campus, s/he will receive information about nearby public art, including visual representations, artist bios, artwork history and more. The app also provides exact directions to a piece or place, using your phone’s GPS navigation.

“This app will help greater Lansing residents and visitors find art and art spaces all over the tri-county region,” says Mikula. “It currently has more than 170 entries, and we are excited to watch it grow. We are very grateful to all of our interns who helped with the project and to Message Makers who developed the app. It was truly a collaborative effort, and we are proud to share it with the metro Lansing community.”

Founded in 1965, the Arts Council of Greater Lansing exists to support, strengthen and promote arts, culture and creativity in the capital region. For more information, visit