Artist Billboards Take to the Skies!

The Sky’s the Limit!

Artist Billboard Sightings Have Begun

For the last several months we have been working behind the scenes to get the 2015/2016 billboards launched into the sky! As of early this week we have received several phone calls of billboard sightings along freeways outside of Lansing. 

Adams Outdoor Advertising, who donates the billboard spaces through its Art-in-the-Sky program, began placing the billboards early this month, with a goal of having them all up by the new year.  

Transforming spaces

This year marks the sixth anniversay of the Arts Council’s participation in the project, which places the billboards outside of Ingham County as a way to draw tourists into the area. Over the next two years, the art will be moved whenever billboard space is available.The program transforms traditional advertising space into a public art gallery in the sky, promoting the works of local artists.

Seven up! 

More than 30 Lansing area artists submitted work for consideration, and seven were chosen for our 2015/2016. Billboard Project. This year’s billboard awardees include Samskee deBourban, Melissa Tawny Thaler, Thomas Korpalski, Jane Reiter, Ingrid Blixt, Kimberly Lavon and Laura Gajewski.

So far there have been three comfirmed sightings, including Laura Gajewski’s (pictured left) spotted on E. I-69 between mile markers 100-101, Thomas Korpalski’s was seen on US-127 near St. Johns and Samskee deBourban’s is near I-69 S. toward Charlotte. 

Art to the masses

To date, the local Art in the Sky initiative has highlighted the works of 34 Individual Artists, bringing art to the masses via the medium of outdoor advertising. To learn more about the Art-in-the-Sky project and to see the billboards go to our billboard page.