Applause, Applause!–Make Your Nominations Today!

Applause, Applause!
Make Your Nominations Today!

Each year at our annual Holiday Glitter event, the Arts Council recognizes area contributors to the arts with our Applause Awards.

Commitment to the arts

The aim of these coveted and beautifully crafted awards is to recognize individuals, businesses, organizations and other advocates who have made significant contributions to the arts in the capital region through their leadership, commitment, vision and support.

This year, in addition to our traditional annual awards, we are excited to announce that we have added three new catagories to this nomination and recognition program.  

Ted Sondag Individual Leadership Award

The Individual Leadership Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the arts in the capital region through their leadership, commitment, vision and support.

Business Leadership Award

The Business Arts Award recognizes a business or corporation for their leadership, commitment, and vision in support of the arts through contributed know-how, significant financial or in-kind support, or development of exemplary alliances that have provided valuable support to artists and/or arts and cultural organizations in the capital region.

Civic Leadership Award

The Civic Award recognizes the significant contributions of an elected or appointed individual within a city, village, township, county or downtown development authority through their leadership, commitment, vision and support of arts and culture in the tri-counties.

Individual Artist Award

The Individual Artist Award recognizes an individual who lives in the tri-counties who exemplifies leadership, quality and an expansive work portfolio/resume in any of the following mediums: visual arts, performing arts, literary arts and/or the design field, who has received local, statewide, and/or national acclaim, and has significant impact on our community through the practice and production of his/her art form.

Arts and Cultural Organization Award

The Arts & Cultural Organization Award recognizes non-profit and public organizations and/or programs within the capital region that are of high artistic quality and serve to enhance life in our community through the arts, culture or creativity. The award pays special attention to both long-standing programs and organizations that have played a consistent role in the community and new organizations and programs that meet a previously unmet community need or focus area.

Arts Educator Award

The Arts Educator Award recognizes the work and dedication of an arts educator (elementary, secondary, college/university, and/or community instructor) in helping and mentoring organizations and individuals (youth and/or adults) to uncover a greater capacity to create, connect and deepen artistic pursuits and relationships with their community.

Creative Community Award

The Creative Community Award recognizes significant achievements and projects that exemplify best practices in creative placemaking by any of the following or a combination of the following: individuals, nonprofit organizations, corporations, local municipalities, neighborhood associations, commercial associations, school and/or any other entity.  Award winners will have contributed to the making of great places where ideas, leadership and persistence play a vital role in creating vibrant, thriving and livable places in our region.

Make your nominations today!