A Few Words From Debbie–From Invention to Reinvention

A Few Words From Debbie

From Invention to Reinvention

The Arts Council is in a mode of reinvention. Over the past three years, the board and staff have dedicated ourselves to a new mission, a new direction and new programming that positions the Arts Council as a unique, active and cutting‐edge nonprofit organization as we cross into our second half century.

And while we have made sure that we didn’t lose sight of our most valuable services, we have come out of the planning stages and have added deep and meaningful arts programming and connections to economic and community development to our agenda.This includes our newly unveiled Arts Night Out, working diligently with the Lansing School District to deliver our Young Creatives: Artists-in-Residence program and stepping up as THE ambassador and strong community collaborator of Creative Placemaking.

This work is also positioning the Arts Council as an exciting, fun and progressive organization to which to belong and as the “go to” organization for local, statewide and national resources. And so naturally, it was time for a new logo and updated branding to reflect our new persona. Over the course of the next month, we will be rolling out our new look and I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peak.

The logo, designed by Change Media Group here in Lansing, was developed with input from our board, staff and key community leaders and reflects our commitment to adapt and change with the times. We wanted a logo that would stand out, that would elicit the essence of a creative and innovative organization, that showed us thinking outside of the box and sparking new ideas and ultimately positioning us as the premier arts organization in greater Lansing.

As we worked with Change Media Group, they noted many important elements of our work, including the Arts Council serving as the invisible glue of the Lansing arts community and serving a critical purpose in elevating the arts in the tri-county area. We expressed ourselves in our role as a bridge in supporting the work of artists and arts agencies and in developing the sector’s cohesion and ability to meet its collective needs by working together. Additionally, we think Change Media Group brought to the forefront in their design our tremendous importance to our region’s economic future because of the placemaking work that is now so prominent in our daily agenda.

It is with great pleasure that we unveil our new look for you today. Our reinvention is just beginning.


Deborah E. Mikula

Executive Director