A Few Words From Debbie–Committees Time and Wisdom, Invaluable

A Few Words From Debbie

Committee’s Time and Wisdom, Invaluable

To be involved so deeply in making our community a better place to live, work and visit is what makes the Arts Council tick!  Over the past year, the board, staff and committee members have spent countless hours with our partners and ingrained ourselves in so many signature projects that we know will have true and lasting impact – from the Under the Bridge project with LEAP, to the Museum Drive Arts Impact Project through the City of Lansing’s Sense of Place program, to adding teaching artists into the school setting through our Young Creatives program, to our very own, once a month, Friday evening – Arts Night Out (that will begin in May).

We are changing the face of the Arts Council to be more collaborative, to embrace change and to be at the table – bringing art into every conversation when we talk about strengthening and repositioning our region for the future.

And to do that, we asked for your input.  Almost two years ago, the Arts Council board re-aligned our committees to address the specific goals of our strategic plan and opened up seats on those committees to anyone interested.

I have to say, that this was one of the best decisions we made.  So many wonderful individuals stepped up to the plate and added their voices.  And their voices count. I guess I’m a firm believer that no one person has all the right answers, but if we use bits and pieces of all ideas shared – something very special and unique emerges.  And the programs I shared above, and how we are working more collaboratively in our community, are all ideas that have been contributed at our committee meetings.
So now it is time to acknowledge our committee members participation – their time and wisdom is invaluable:

Collaboration Committee:  Ginny Haas (chairman), Steve Kozera, Tina Newhauser, Arnold Weinfeld, Michelle Carlson, Sara Parkinson, Sam Schultz, Becky Brewer, Bill Mansfield, Joy Walter, Heather Driscoll

Education Committee:  Terry Carella (chairman), Hope Rollins, Michelle Word, Katrina Daniels, Alice Brinkman, Sarah Pinder

Celebration Committee:  Sharon Ellis (chairman), Jeff Magnuson, John Dale Smith, Suzanne Brouse, Stella Cash

Advocacy Committee:  George Orban (chairman), Joe Viviano, Sarah Triplett, Dave Trumpie, Bruce Ashley, Joe Ross

Strategic Planning Committee:  Julie Pingston, Joe Viviano, Terry Carella, Patty Barnas, Steve Kozera

Finance Committee:  Jeff Magnuson (chairman), George Orban, Ryan Lowe, David McKeague

And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my sounding board – the Executive Committee of the Arts Council Board – Julie Pingston (president), Ginny Hass (vice president), Steven Kozera (secretary) and Jeff Magnuson (treasurer).

If you would like to become involved and help shape the direction of the Arts Council through your participation, please let me know.  Pick a committee…any committee and join in our conversations.

Deborah E. Mikula

Executive Director