A Few Words From Debbie–Bidding Farewell

A Few Words From Debbie

Bidding Farewell 

Bad news first….after a little over two years with the Arts Council, it is time to say a fond farewell to Josh Holliday, our extraordinary program manager. Good news…he isn’t going too far.

During my annual evaluation, the Arts Council executive committee and I talked about how to retain such a wonderful and passionate talent, and the very next day, he informed me that he had been chosen as the new tri-county development and placemaking manager for LEAP.  Seems that somebody else (maybe the whole region) recognized his talents as well.

While we tried to convince him to stay, he is ready to move on and move up and take on different responsibilities to keep learning how to make impact in the capital region. I have no doubt Josh is going places, and it will be fun to watch his momentum over the next few years. I also have no doubt that we will remain close friends and colleagues, and he will always have a focus on how to include arts and culture in every nook and cranny of this region.We were honored to have been a part of his journey, and I thought it appropriate to let Josh have a few last words before he departs…

Thanks Greater Lansing,

For more than two years I have had the distinct pleasure to immerse myself in the Greater Lansing community; I’ve built relationships with talented, creative and innovative artists and administrators, advocated for arts and culture and its impact within our region. I have loved developing a collaborative platform and finding spaces for the community to come together—to share opportunities and our belief that arts and culture is at the heart of creating the best place to live, work and play.

I am incredibly proud to have been part of an organization that encouraged and believed in my growth as a young professional; and therefore, it is with great excitement that I announce my new position as tri-county development and placemaking manager with LEAP, where I will begin my role on Dec. 19, 2016.

I would be remise if I didn’t thank each and every artist, administrator, creative and community member who has made my time at the Arts Council so welcoming and inspiring. Our creative community is vibrant, thriving and vital to the region, and it has been my pleasure to devote my creative energies to the Arts Council and greater community. I look forward to my continued work within the region, and remaining a strong patron and advocate for the arts. I’m sure I will be seeing all of you about town.



Josh’s last day with us will be Dec. 9, 2016, and we will be working to fill his position by Feb. 1, 2017. If you know of any promising candidates, please send them my way.  Here is a link to our job posting for your perusal. Resume, cover letter and three references will be due by Dec. 20 to with interviews being scheduled the first couple weeks of January.

I’m saddened to lose such a wonderful part of our team – we are going to miss him greatly. And while I have always believed that no one is irreplaceable, he might be the exception.

Deborah E. Mikula
Executive Director