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Exhibit Artists for 2018

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing offers members the opportunity to showcase artwork in the contemporary setting at 1208 Turner Street. Exhibits run for one month (as assigned by the Arts Council). An open call to dues-paying Arts Council members is announced twice per year.

* Opportunity includes an artist-hosted opening reception held at the Arts Council (artists are responsible for providing light refreshments). Receptions are typically held on Fridays (some are on Arts Night Out).

* Chosen artist's deliver and install their own work using the Arts Council's Walker Display system, which runs approximately 20 feet and holds up to 300 pounds of weight in total (50 pounds per hanging mechanism). See what the system looks like.

* Artists are encouraged to contact media, invite friends and family and promote their exhibition on social media platforms.

* The Arts Council provides marketing, support and exhibit consultations to exhibiting artists. 

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January - Stephanie Joy Hogan

Jessica Kovan Artwork


Stephanie Joy Hogan


Stephanie's current work explores a vibrant and whimsical "Unknown Universe" and the creatures that dwell there.  Her work is strongly intuitive in nature, and she says, "even I never know what will appear." Colorful planets and moons, landscapes and imaginative characters are common themes.


February - Nevin Speerbrecker

Nevin Speerbrecker Artwork


Nevin Speerbrecker


Nevin has a passion for illustrating, drawing and painting indigenous peoples and other related material/subjects. He has more than 30-year's experience in the art field, including graphic design, illustration, murals and wall graphics.


March - Young Creatives

Young Creatives Artwork


Young Creatives

March is Youth Art Month and our exhibition is curated entirely of youth art ages K-12 (or younger) from area schools.



April - Catherine Tonning-Popowich

Saralee Howard Artwork


Catherine Tonning-Popowich


As an artist I have painted realism for most of my artistic life, but I always felt like something was missing. I wanted to push myself to explore new techniques and mediums and after a workshop that focused on vibrant, abstract art I realized what I was craving was that connection with color. I let these vivid waves flow over me, to pull me forward, to embrace bright and bold new pallets and reinvented myself as an artist. I loosened up and let the emotion and intensity guide my brush and my art holds my attention more than it ever did before, my art excites me again and I will continue expanding. I found my muse, and I'm sharing this energy, sharing this inspiration, with students old and new to help them find their inspiration as well.


May - David Annis

Justin Troisi Artwork


Justin Troisi

I have been using light and color on the human form since the age of 14 and have worked intensively with film cameras for four years. A favorite method is using long exposure photography while shining colored light onto and around models, but he also photographs models painted using conventional, metallic, or UV fluorescent paint, and has added color in post-processing. 

The goal of Bodies of Light is to use the techniques of photography to marry the beauty and grace of the human form with innovative textures and lighting to create beauty that has meaning to people in a way that is not erotic.

David is active in the local arts community, serving on the board of the Mid-Michigan Art Guild. He has done a demonstration at, and exhibits in the East Lansing Art Festival. He teaches small hands-on seminars and has given talks to local art and photography groups. He collaborates with other artists, both locally and as far away as Guam.  The goal of Bodies of Light is to use the techniques of photography to marry the beauty and grace of the human form with innovative textures and lighting to create beauty that has meaning to people in a way that is not erotic.


June - Chance Liscomb

Mary Ablao Artwork


Mary Ablao


"These are indeed small but mighty, showing power and passion in an explosion of color and expression. I am an abstract expressionist with a hint of impressionism as I attempt to capture the moment and movement into the next shift in time. There are dual and contrasting shimmers of illusion as one sees first one image changes like magic right before our eyes. Art then becomes the ultimate expression of being."

I am a sculptor; however, I enjoy painting inside through the winter months when the studio becomes too cold for my hands to sculpt. While transitioning back and forth, I find that painting and sculpture complement one another. In both, the materials are central in my works because the materials suggest ideas and guide my thoughts. Rather than controlling the process of creating, I revel in the uncertainty of art and ideas as the materials unfold and reveal their potential. I embrace the risks, the complexities, the chaos, and the spontaneity of making art. I like to play and learn from my mistakes as I tackle them as opportunities. Art seems to undo me and take me apart.

July - 

Melissa Eggleston Artwork


Melissa Eggleston


"I would put together a collection of wildlife and nature paintings that highlight my love of this subject. Paintings that bring people a sense of peace but also an awareness of the beauty all around us every day in our natural world. I usually put together a variety of mediums in a show as it is difficult for me to stick with just one. Mediums would include pastel, watercolor, oil and acrylic ink. Juanita Baldwin Shadows are usually overlooked as a subject matter, but I find them dynamic, artistic and somehow mysterious. Their ephemeral quality is of great importance: you photograph them in that exact moment that captured your eye, or they are gone forever, difficult to replicate. People’s shadows are one of my favorite subjects. They are “personal shadows”, the eternal company built into our lives. The human being interacts with other shadows that surround his/her own, and this tells a story. Nowadays, the quest for originality is a challenge because photography is probably the most popular hobby in the world. By employing shadows as the subject matter of this exhibition, I hope to add a fresh approach to the photography universe."


August -  

David Smith Artwork


David Smith


"A Light-Hearted Look at Life"


September - 

Anita Brett Artwork


Anita Brett


"Capturing the essence of people in portraits is an important part of my art. I enjoy discovering the interests and emotions of others and portraying those interests in paintings. For me, a successful painting begins with composition but must include highly contrasting values. Along with the above paintings in oils and watercolor, I have become enraptured with encaustic paintings. Most of my encaustics are edgier in subject and style. They bring me to the borders of my comfort level and give wider berth for creativity."


October - 

Kathryn Erickson Artwork


Katherine Erickson


"Eight to twelve military themed portrait and still life oil paintings.T his is to be a series to impart various aspects of a soldier's life. The still life will include military clothing and equipment. The portraits will include current and former members of the US military, including some who have been wounded, Since the US military is diverse, this will be reflected in my work."


November - 

Thom Verwys


Thom VerWys


"The pictures I work from come from my thoughts, my mind's view of life. I love expressing that through my paintings. The work I do comes out of instinctive response and I so enjoy sharing those sometimes even surprising paintings with others."


December - 

Joel Ellis Artwork


Joel Ellis


"The adventure of being in life inspires me: beautiful scenes, interactions with people, even dreams echoing a day’s experience. My only true expression of these imprints is through making art and the wonderment of what is going to happen next."