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Identifying Your Target Audience: A conversation with right brain and left brain

November 12, 2019      9am - 12pm     MICA Gallery      $10/$15 member/non-member

Join us at MICA as Cassie Cotton and Hilary Edwards, strategists at Piper & Gold Public Relations, present "Identifying Your Target Audience: A chat with right brain and left brain."

Whether you're logical, intuitive or a frustrating blend of both, join Piper & Gold Public Relations for a chat on techniques and tools to identify your target audience in ways that suit you best.

In today's digital-driven world, we are constantly being inundated with messages. It is important to stay true to who you are and ensure that your story comes across in a meaningful way to your target audiences.

In this workshop, Cassie and Hilary will be taking a deeper dive into your individual brand and will assist you with creating a narrative that is true to you but can also effectively resonate with your audience.